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  • Overcoming the Shackles of Karma Part 1

    Episode 1

    This discourse was recorded live at the Hansacharaṇam Retreat held in Southern California on the occasion of Guru Purnima, on 28th July 2018

  • Overcoming the Shackles of Karma Part 2

    Episode 2

    This discourse was recorded live at the Hansacharaṇam Retreat held in Southern California on the occasion of Guru Purnima, on 28th July 2018

  • Practising Dharma in the Face of Modernism

    Episode 3

    Immerse in this sublime discourse by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda on the meaningful practice of dharma. Learn about the principles of dharma that are useful to tackle the challenges of our modern technological age, often rife with culture clash.

    The discourse offers a glimpse into the...

  • Principal Elements of Dharma

    Episode 4

    Experience the lucidity of this informal discourse by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda that distinguishes the defining features of the inner law of being.

    The discourse emphasizes the importance of dharma in the pursuit of aspirations. His Holiness introduces tenets from various Sanskrit l...

  • Vision of Lifelong Fulfilment

    Episode 5

    His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda shares in this illuminating discourse how pure unalloyed love is truly divine and brings about a lifelong fulfilment when experienced. The discourse focuses on the purpose of developing a vision of lifelong fulfilment.

    His Holiness explains what fulfilment ...

  • Seeking with Intellectual Purity

    Episode 6

    Listen and learn from these words of wisdom that were informally shared by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda during an up close and intimate gathering with devotees at a Home Fellowship. Due to the nature of this less formal ambience, His Holiness mixed chosen words from three additional langua...

  • Devotional Rapture of Pure Love

    Episode 7

    Prepare for an extraordinary discourse by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda on what love feels like in its purest essence. Only when love is unconditional does it become possible to grasp how one can surrender unconditionally to God. However, more often love is 'shrunken' in some way. Through t...

  • Powers Beyond Wishful Thinking

    Episode 8

    This discourse offers spiritual philosophy teachings by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda on three primary shakti: the power to do, the power to know and the power to wish, related respectively to our earning, learning and yearning. We all have desires but how do we take the power to desire to ...

  • Affirmations on the Path of Service

    Episode 9

    If one makes mental affirmations about serving and puts them into practice, then one is able to anchor on the path of service. Summarizing sublime teachings from the Bhagavad Gita, His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda gives three sets of affirmations that are beautifully simple but can render the ...

  • Tenets of Embracing the Path of Knowledge

    Episode 10

    In Srimad Bhagavatam, Lord Krishna names three paths: the path of knowledge, the path of devotion and the path of service. In this discourse, His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda tells what sets the path of knowledge apart from the other two and what differentiates knowledge from mere information....

  • Cultivation of Subtle Feelings

    Episode 11

    The Sanskrit word bhāva means subtle feelings or the subtle energy of understanding all things divine. His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda explains how bhāva is intangible but results in something tangible called grace. How can these subtle feelings be cultivated and reinforced? The discourse giv...

  • Four Spokes of Destiny

    Episode 12

    This talk expounds on the four goals that propel the wheel of life: the four spokes of destiny. Drawing on scriptural aphorisms from the Sanskrit literature, the four goals are outlined: dharma (service and duty), moxa (freedom and liberation), artha (wealth and earnings) and kāma (enjoyment and ...