Watch this video and more on Hansavedas Multimedia

Watch this video and more on Hansavedas Multimedia

Vedantic Approach to Self Enquiry

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  • Purpose of Fellowship Discourse

    A short preamble from a worldwide livestream discourse delivered on 14th October 2018 in Santa Barbara, California.

  • Heartbeat Oṃ Chanting – 118Hz – 36 times

    This is a deep roaring heartbeat rhythm Oṃ based on traditional Himalayan cave chanting. The duration of 36 Oṃ is about 48 seconds at a rhythm of slightly one Oṃ per second. This powerful chant should not be listened to while walking, running or driving. Experience the impact of 108 + 10 Hz Oṃ in...

  • Heartfelt Expressions of Latent Impre...

    Photo Credit: Himalayan Mountain Photo by Harish Kapadia

    Listen to this spontaneous discourse by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda that elucidates how our heartfelt expressions are conditioned by the latent impressions.

    This spiritual discourse is an exposition of the Sankhya philosophy ...