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Heartbeat Oṃ Chanting - 128Hz - Free

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Heartbeat Oṃ Chanting - 118Hz - Free

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  • Heartbeat Oṃ Chanting - 128Hz - Free

    This is a deep roaring heartbeat rhythm Oṃ based on traditional Himalayan cave chanting. This powerful chant should not be listened to while walking, running or driving. Experience the impact of 108 + 20 Hz Oṃ in a quiet place with a steady and comfortable pose. This frequency chant should be cho...

  • Oṃ Chanting at 432Hz - 30 minutes - Free

    Experience the impact of 432Hz Oṃ sound, each one led by a tuned meditation bowl strike. The very first and thereafter every seventh Oṃ is led by a low followed by a high tone. This repetitive drone can be listened to or ruminated upon as a beginner’s introduction to meditation. One can hold atte...

  • Oṃ Chanting at 528Hz - 30 minutes - Free

    Experience the calming effect of 528Hz Oṃ sound. The soothing effect of this chant is the hallmark of the more meditative chanting and sublime recitation of Sanskrit mantra. With eyes closed, subtly feel and trace the sound vibration into the heart, through the centre of the chest behind the ster...